Monday, 9 December 2013

Scent of things to come

Working in the garden/allotment has virtually slowed to a standstill over the past few weeks.

I managed to NOT turn on the computer on Wednesday morning* and set about the horrible task of removing some very mouldy tomato plants and sodden grow bags.    Seriously, if anyone needed an example of grey mould, my greenhouse was full of the stuff.

However for the first time ever, the greenhouse is nice and clean and tidy, with scented pelargoniums overwintering and ready to receive the early sown seed trays in 2014.  Normally this job gets left and left and finally approached in a mild state of panic as Spring marches in.  By then there is pile of dead and decaying horribleness to be dealt with.

The added incentive to keep checking on things is the wonderful scent from the three Attar of Roses plants plus their cuttings.  Every time I open the door there is a whiff of turkish delight and hint of summer to come.

* The payback was a very stressful Thursday with lots of v. urgent emails that I had missed. Ho hum.


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