Friday, 28 June 2013

Dirt is good

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Success and failure

I hadn't been up to the plot for a week - the weather and revision had got the better of me over the weekend, so it was with determined effort that I went up last night.

Success - more sweet peas!!!!!  
This crop look a little stronger so hoping for great things there

Failure - munched peas seedlings :-(

 So onwards and upwards as they say - to make up for the munched a crop - planted these mangetout.
I picked up 12 seedlings at the garden centre for a bargain £2.

Courgettes now in the ground - fingers crossed that they take.
Often at home I suffer from powdery mildew so hoping that in the open they fare a bit better.

Au revior college

A parting gift from my last college session - needed the sustenance to plough through the tedious revision on foundations, more foundations and sub bases, kerbs, edgings and haunches.

The cucumber was absolutely delicious by the way - grown in a restored Victorian greenhouse.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

First ever sweet pea

For several years I have struggled to grow sweet peas ... the seeds will germinate and seedlings grow healthy and strong and then I plant them out and never see a bloom!

I had given up, thinking that I was just rubbish and would look enviously at wigwams of plentiful blooms in other peoples gardens.

This year I was given some unwanted seedlings so planted them up and expected nothing ... and this one appeared (and there are more to come!!!)

They are not the strongest plants I have seen but they are producing flowers - so this summer I will have the scent of sweet peas at home :-)

Evening Light

My favourite time to visit the plot is in the evening.  It is so still, if I go around 8pm most of the dog walkers have gone and the light is wonderful along the brook that cross the meadow.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Signs of Life

I sowed rows of beetroot and radish the other week and finally there are some signs of life (pretty certain these aren't weeds!)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

More plantings

Recent plantings - been doing flying visits over the last week to the plot, as trying to revise for exams.  Also desparate for some decent rain so don't have to keep watering!

Friday, 21 June 2013


Not sure if these will take, but we moved some primroses from the border at home to the bank behind the bath.  The soil here is hard and lumpy but I am hoping that at least one will take and they will be buzzing with wildlife next Spring.

Even more blooming garden

Just had to take a few pictures this morning of the back garden.  It is starting to flower and the hit of colour is fantastic after a lack of any real interest last year.

 Clematis and Climbing Rose - never seen the rose so full of blooms 
must remember to keep deadheading to keep it flowering.

 Lewisia - this evergreen was planted a few years ago and really has taken off this year.

 Geranium, with Clematis - loving the pink and purple together.

Dianthus, Verbena and Alyssum basket

Blooming plot

Everything seems to be coming into flower and setting fruit.  We might not get bumper crops this year as all is so new, but can't wait to taste the first produce.


 Sweet Peas
so thrilled with the first buds - I have never had success with sweet peas before





Thursday, 20 June 2013

Peas and spinach

 Even more donated plants - fingers crossed that they take.

Sweet Peas and Beans

I have been a bit slow of the ground in sowing seeds for the plot, so was very grateful to be given sweet peas and beans.  They are a bit late going in, but hopefully they will be fruitful.

I have had rubbish success with sweet peas before, so hopefully on open ground they may do better.

Need to get some more canes for the beans - however many you have it is never enough!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


We have put many of the perennial plantings in first at the plot to get them established.  Two of my favourite foods are blueberries and asparagus (but not together as that would be weird!)

More blueberries added to the bath.  Really need to get a water butt on the shed as having to take rainwater from home is getting annoying (and emptying my butts at home!)

Yay - the asparagus has thrown up spears.  All ten have signs of life.  Now the patient wait for a year to pass so I can harvest properly.  In the meantime I am having many suppers of asparagus in anticipation of my own home grown.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bank Holiday planting

After a lack of gardening last year, I was determined to spend a bit more time on our back garden this year.   Last year was so wet and miserable that we hardly spent anytime outside.

Planning ahead I went to the local nursery (with a list - how 's that for planning) and bought a car full of plants for the pots.

Weekend planting - my mission is to clear the table!

Aubretia kitteSurfina Blue Topaz; Dianthus mixed parfait; Verbena Purple Magic; Alyssum; Cupressus goldcrest
Marigold; Geranium trailing red; Lysimachia aurea
 The trails are Indian Mint - Satureja douglasii- planted right by the patio table so the scent should waft over.
Top left - Fuchsia Balcony Queen (Trailing); Top right - Fuchsia Lena (Trailing)
with Chrysanthemum
Middle left - Fuchsia Balcony Queen x 2, Fuchsia Paula Jane; Middle right - Fuchsia Paul Jane
Bottom left - Fuchsia Multa, Fuchsia Royal Academy; Bottom right - Fuchsia Grayrigg, Fuchsia Dorothy Hanley
with Lobelia

Geranium; Bidens aurea; Surfina
Geranium; Alyssum; Surfina; Lobelia
Osteospermum Akila Mixed
Can't wait to see it all grow now.  Here's to a wonderful summer so we can sit outside and enjoy.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Evening Walk

Beautiful evening light on the walk to the plot - the scent of the cow parsley is quite overpowering.

Friday, 14 June 2013


The wonderful bright yellow of our Fremontodendron - somehow this plant has survived the two very cold winters we have.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Early Morning Kiwi

No not a New Zealander at the plot, but the sun streaming through the new Kiwi plant.


One of the best things about going to the plot is the walk along the path.  The blossom on the trees has been stunning - this was taken a few weeks ago and I had forgotten to post it!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Forgotten Solomon Seal

The wonders of gardening - this morning after clearing the border I realised a Solomon Seal I had bought several years ago.  I don't remember seeing it last year (but could have been hidden behind all the weeds!)

I love this plant - the delicate flowers that dangle from the beautifully curved stem - a welcome return back to the garden.

Bargain Fruit

Managed to get some more fruit for the plot - was a fantastic bargain for the four plants so fingers crossed they survive!