Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bank Holiday planting

After a lack of gardening last year, I was determined to spend a bit more time on our back garden this year.   Last year was so wet and miserable that we hardly spent anytime outside.

Planning ahead I went to the local nursery (with a list - how 's that for planning) and bought a car full of plants for the pots.

Weekend planting - my mission is to clear the table!

Aubretia kitteSurfina Blue Topaz; Dianthus mixed parfait; Verbena Purple Magic; Alyssum; Cupressus goldcrest
Marigold; Geranium trailing red; Lysimachia aurea
 The trails are Indian Mint - Satureja douglasii- planted right by the patio table so the scent should waft over.
Top left - Fuchsia Balcony Queen (Trailing); Top right - Fuchsia Lena (Trailing)
with Chrysanthemum
Middle left - Fuchsia Balcony Queen x 2, Fuchsia Paula Jane; Middle right - Fuchsia Paul Jane
Bottom left - Fuchsia Multa, Fuchsia Royal Academy; Bottom right - Fuchsia Grayrigg, Fuchsia Dorothy Hanley
with Lobelia

Geranium; Bidens aurea; Surfina
Geranium; Alyssum; Surfina; Lobelia
Osteospermum Akila Mixed
Can't wait to see it all grow now.  Here's to a wonderful summer so we can sit outside and enjoy.


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