Thursday, 23 May 2013

Major leaps forward

Rasperries and fruit bushes have arrived and are heeled in on my little veg patch at the bottom of the garden.  Just hoping they survive.

The potatoes are happily sprouting but all the advice says not be plant yet as still too cold.

Now the pressure is on to get the plot ready for planting.  The hunt for a manure supply is on ... the amount I need means that a free (or much cheaper supply than the garden centre is needed).

After exhausting a list of contacts I finally resort to buying a tonne from Mr Muck - delivered in bags to to the house.

At the same time husband is banished to the plot from the office.  He is in the process of a big project and his nervous energy is being directed into pen clicking and pacing around.  He drags in some friends and they construct the support for the raspberries.  This is something that is not going anywhere soon!

Compost bins are made from pallets and I get (as requested) a leaf mould bin for all the leaves that I can collect.


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