Friday, 10 May 2013

2012 - the year the rain came

We got the plot under control in the Autumn of 2011.  I boldly sowed some green manure after watching GW and then left the plot.

Come March 2012 it looked like this:

We started digging in the green manure and removing the couch grass.  The green manure had made a fairly good job of suppressing the weeds.

The weather was glorious that March - hot and sunny - so grand plans were made for the plot.
Slabs and a shed were obtained via Freecycle and stored at my parents ready for installation.  Pallets were donated from a local business for the compost bins.

Then the rain came ..... and it rained and rained and rained.  Work got ever busier and I seemed to working 7 days a week.  And still it rained.  Any free time I had I wanted to sleep not go and get wet and soggy.

On the weekend of the Jubilee we managed to get all the slabs, shed and pallets to the plot to start work the following weekend.  But that never happened.

The next time I went back it had all been taken and the weeds were waist high.  I was ready to admit defeat.   To add insult to injury the council threatened to kick me off for non-cultivation.

In September, work seemed to ease so we went down and it was strimmed and rotovated again.
We cleared the patch of brambles and got to work on the stumps of trees.  The council had cleaned up the hedge border which made life much easier (and this part of the plot useable as no more overhanging branches).

I had all good intentions of covering the ground at this point but it just never seemed to happen.

So that was it for 2012 - nothing grown just another plot left to its own devices.


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