Sunday, 15 September 2013

Winter Veg

So last week had a phone call from my mum asking if I wanted some winter veg plants as a friend had given her a 'few'.  Yes please I replied, and she duly bought a bucket into me at work.  
It wasn't till I started to plant that I realised there was a few more than a 'few'!
91 leeks later and the light was fading on Saturday evening ... and I hadn't even touched the brassicas.
The alarm was set for 6.30am on the Sunday morning so I could get to the plot and get the rest in.... gave out counting the brassicas and not quite sure what anything is as the labels had rubbed off.

The beds are now full to bursting as the wood for the construction project (see previous post) is taking up two beds ..... hopefully the cabbage white leave things alone as I couldn't plant it all together to net in.


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