Wednesday, 14 August 2013

James Wong Homegrown Revolution

On Friday 26th July (sorry bit behind on the blogging at the mo!)  went a massively inspiring talk by James Wong at Woodside Hall in Hitchin.   Despite being very warm in the hall, he spoke with such enthusiasm that I have been converted to the revolution!  

His argument is quite simple, why waste time, energy and money on growing crops that are not suited to our climate/conditions - leave those to the commercial growers (and support British wherever possible) and instead concentrate on high yielding, pest and disease resistant crops that are ideally suited to our conditions.  Time to rethink the planting plan for the plot I think.  
What really gave me food for thought is that many of these crops are perennial .... so once you have invested they come back time and again.

Inspired by the talk I have got the following:

Bergamot Plant
technically a Monarda but will recreate the taste of Bergamot to make your own Earl Grey Tea.

Vanilla Grass (Pandanus amarylifolius) and Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix)
Being a home cook I liked the idea of being able to harvest these as flavourings.

Let the revolution begin!!!!

For more info check out James Wong blog.


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