Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Elderflower Cordial

On Thursday morning I was suffering with pre-exam nerves, pacing around the house.  Clearing up a pile of newspapers I found a recipe for elderflower cordial.

So picking up my snips I wandered down to the local shop for the lemons and on the way back passed picked a handful of elderflowers.  

I have no idea why I have never made this before as it was sooooo simple.  

10 elderflower blooms (picked best mid morning on a sunny day)
900ml of boiling water
3-4 lemons - add zest first, then squeeze and lastly cut into chunks and add
680g of caster sugar

Place flowers in large bowl, pour in the boiling water.  Add the lemons and sugar.  Stir well.
Cover and leave for 48 hours.
Then strain using muslin through a sieve to clean bottles.

Finished cordial tastes so much better than the shop bought.  It is not as sweet and has kept the tang of the elderflower.  I have experimented with freezing some in small plastic tubs so can have the taste of the summer in the darkest depths of winter.


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